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Dr Mikhail Sokolov

Master’s degree in Materials Sciences, PhD in technical sciences

Primary Research Interests: Experimental investigation of radiation effects in materials, including: the effects of radiation exposure on degradation of mechanical properties, fracture toughness and microstructure of low-alloyed steels (reactor pressure vessel steels), stainless steels, ferritic-martensitic steels, refractory alloys, and aluminum alloys; establishing of temperature-time recipe for thermal annealing beneficial for recovery of irradiated reactor pressure vessel steels; exploring the applicability of nonstandard specimen and/or technique to characterization of fracture toughness and mechanical properties of irradiated steels; scanning electron microscopic evaluation of irradiated structural materials for nuclear applications.  Author or co-author of more than 100 publications and technical reports, and has edited the proceedings of two major international conferences. Organizer of three symposia for ASTM related to application of small specimen test techniques. Author of two ASME PVP conference papers on use of Mini-CT specimens for fracture toughness characterization of RPV materials. Actively involved in standard writing procedure as member of the ASTM International, Committee E10 on Nuclear Technology and Applications and Committee 8 on Fatigue and Fracture and code development through ASME.

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