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A selected balance

Impacting regulation, code and standards can hardly be achieved by a single organization as national regulators will always need to rely on international consensus in the scientific and technical community. In addition advantage is gained by mutualisation of the efforts. The strength of this consortium is in the wide range of contributors covering all major nuclear players in Europe. In addition, non European key organization namely, Westinghouse and CRIEPI are supporting the project, which enhance strongly the international foundation of the consortium. The selected balance between organizations with focus on fundamental research and technologically oriented organizations is considered as the most appropriate mix to have the highest innovation impact on the nuclear industry and beyond.

Participating laboratories

To be able to perform the experimental activities one needs to be able to rely on well-equipped laboratories to performing machining and experiments on highly irradiated material. In fact, literally all European laboratories who are able to perform these activities are involved in the project namely SCK CEN, CEA, HZDR, EK, NRG, NRI, FRA-G and VTT. Other well equipped nuclear laboratories have also joined the project. Here below you can find a full overview of all partners involved.

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