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1. End User Group (EUG)

The EUG comprises personnel who are employed within a company with an interest in the FRACTESUS programme, but who are not part of the FRACTESUS consortium. The EUG comprises individuals who will act as a point of contact for their company. They will have access to some of the results from the programme (ahead of full publication). The EUG will provide feedback on the output of FRACTESUS, and the information available to EUG members may be utilised by companies on the EUG.

The list of individuals who have agreed to be part of the EUG are listed in the table below.

2. Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The SAC comprises experts in the field, acting independently of their company. Their membership of the SAC is on a named basis (i.e. they cannot be replaced by another employee in their company). They will be responsible for reviewing the FRACTESUS plan, reviewing the outputs of the programme, and providing advice to the group. Although they will have access to all the results of FRACTESUS, these results cannot be used within their company – a non-disclosure agreement concerning the results of the programme will be required to be signed to confirm this.

The list of experts who have agreed to be part of the SAC are listed in the table below.

3. Standardisation Committee (STC)

The STC comprises members of the FRACTESUS consortium who also have some outside involvement in Standards Committees such as ASTM and ISO. They will be involved in the initial WP1 work outlining current standards /guidance and identifying any shortfalls of those standards in relation to fracture toughness testing of small specimens. Furthermore, the STC will be responsible for advising the ASTM/ISO committees on how best to implement the results of FRACTESUS into the current standards, following the outcome of FRACTESUS and in particular WP5: Evaluation and Guidelines.

  • Name of Member

    Marlies Lambrecht

    Marta Serrano-Garcia

    Susan Ortner

  • Organisation




  • Country



    United Kingdom

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