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J. Brian Hall

Fellow Engineer, Churchill Laboratory Services, Global Technology Development, Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC

Mr. Hall has unique experience gained in the nuclear power industry over the last 28 years enabling him to understand the interrelationship between material mechanical behavior, fracture mechanics and aging/embrittlement.  His experience includes: material specifications for component replacement and new plants, failure analysis, materials testing, fracture mechanics, and material aging evaluations for uprates, repairs and license renewal.  His contributions have been in the areas of reactor vessel (RV) integrity, RV internals aging, and other reactor coolant system materials. He has supported individual utility, the PWROG Materials Subcommittee, and Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) materials reliability programs (MRP).  He is chair of the ASTM E10.02 Subcommittee, “Behavior and Use of Nuclear Structural Materials” which is responsible for standards related to RV surveillance.  Through publications and leadership in industry activities he is recognized internationally.  He has advanced the use of the master curve method (direct fracture toughness) for the benefit of the utilities owning B&W fabricated RVs, enabling operation beyond 40 years and improved operation.

Education: Pennsylvania State University - B.S. Engineering Science (Honors), M.S. Engineering Mechanics.

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