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Mark Kirk

PEAI Consulting

Dr. Kirk has over three decades of experience working as an engineer, with the last two decades of this experience being within the nuclear industry.  Dr. Kirk has experience with fracture toughness testing development and standardization.  In the last two decades a focus of this work has been on toward both regulatory and Codes/Standards acceptance of Master Curve techniques within the USA.  While working for the NRC I played a key role in evaluating, using, and further developing Master Curve approaches for use in regulatory applications (e.g., many Master Curve models were used as part of the alternate PTS rule, 10 CFR 50.61a).  Recently this work has focused on the development of an ASME Code Case detailing how Master Curve, and Master Curve-related models can be used within ASME Code calculations as alternatives to currently accepted approaches.  Use of the Code Case, and associated regulatory review processes, has been key to obtaining both the recognition of a consensus Codes and Standards body for Master Curve techniques as well as regulatory review and comment on these techniques.

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