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Pål Efsing

Ringhals AB

Pål Efsing is employed by the Swedish Nuclear Operator Ringhals AB, a subsidiary to Vattenfall. At Ringhals, Efsing is senior specialist in the area of ageing of metallic material, materials mechanics and fracture mechanics. Efsing also holds a research professor position at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH in Stockholm. Efsing has worked in the area of irradiation effects and fracture mechanical testing for 25+ years. Much of which has been part of the current effort to extend the operational life of the PWRs at Ringhals by better understanding the irradiation induced embrittlement of the reactor pressure vessels. Pål Efsing is/has been a Scientific advisor to the SOTERIA, ATLAS+ and MEACTOS project within the EU framework programs. Efsing has also been part of the buildup of NUFILE/SNETP platform.

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